Everything you Need to Know about Chef Knives

Grindstone. This is a typical stone that is used to sharpen cutting tools such as knives. They are available in varying sizes. Most of the grindstones are used to sharpen tools while they are being turned into a wheel. There are small-sized grindstones for use in the kitchen, and these are the most popular options for chefs.

Slicing knives. The knives are typically sharp-pointed. They are used to slice fruits, vegetables, and other meals such as meat. Slicing knives are narrow, making them effective. The knives are efficient in slicing because they are light. This makes the knives slice the vegetables into nice and small pieces and using the slicing knife. The results are into small chops and slices.

Japanese knives. These are knives that are commonly used to do heavy tasks in the kitchen. The main types of Japanese knives include carving knife chefs knife chopping knife slicing knife and vegetable knife. These knives are efficient and give precious cuts. The knives are simply grouped as single beveled or double beveled. The knives have different types of handles for ease of handling, even if the hands are slippery.

Kitchen knives. The knives are numerous and of different sizes. Though there are many kitchen knives, there are three major knives that every kitchen deserves to be having. These knives include the bread knife, utility knife, and chef’s knife. The utility knife is a typical combination of slicing and chopping knives. Chefs commonly use slicing knives to slice vegetables, fruits, and other meat. A bread knife is used to cut bread into slices without interfering with the bread shape. They are serrated on the cutting edge to ensure that the bread particles are not interrupted, thus giving precious bread slices. Chef’s knife is used to dislocate and chop meat into equitable sizes. The knife has a broad blade with a thick surface. This feature makes it efficient in chopping the beef into sizable pieces.

Vegetable knives. These knives are used to chop, slice and dice vegetables. (https://www.originalknives.no) They cut small and large vegetables into small and precious slices. The knives have a medium blade size that is effective for chopping vegetables. Their thin blades make them effective while chopping the vegetables. Their straight edge makes them efficient such that not much force is required to move the knife back and forth while chopping the vegetables. This aspect makes them compelling to be used while cutting vegetables. (https://www.originalknives.no/kokkekniv/)

Knives set. Different knives are grouped. The knife set consists of about 3 to 18 knives. The basic knives set include the serrated knife chef’s knife and paring knife. The three basic blades are of much importance in every knives set. (https://www.originalknives.no/suncraft/)

Chef’s knife. This knife was designed to cut significantly large-sized meat. Today, the blade is common in most kitchens, where it is used to chop, cut, and slice groceries and vegetables. The knife has different handle sizes, with a blade measuring 6 to 12 inches. The features allow for the ease of chopping while moving it back and forth.